Custom made pull out parameter chart pens

Custom made pull out parameter chart pens

Looking for a way to boost traffic to your trade show booth? Want to create a memorable impression on current and potential clientele? With Retractable pull out pens, you can generate a custom promotional giveaway that will not simply fall by the wayside like conventional freebies. The unique pen features a single or double-sided 2.7”W x 6.3”H banner that can feature your company’s phone number, website or QR code for easy access to your social networking site. From trade shows and college fairs to point-of-sale areas and special community events, a customized promotional banner pen from TRT Banners can create a lasting impression and give individuals something useful that is emblazoned with your clearly printed

Customised pens are fantastic and are easily the most popular promotional products used worldwide by businesses. Most importantly marketing pens or custom pens are useful for customers – they don’t just get thrown in the bin. They can sit on your customers’ desks in clear view for months if not years at a time, they’re portable, come in a wide variety and are super economical – everything you want from a promotional product.

Banner pens (or scroll pens) take it a step further. Our pens come with all the benefits of ‘normal’ customised pens but with far more space to promote to, inform and educate your customers with their unique and interactive banners.

Custom pull out banner pen
The massive advantage of our pens is that you get the ability to increase the perceived value of the custom pens dramatically (and the length of time the customer hangs on to it for) by including valued information on the banners that the customer goes back to repeatedly. Every time your customer uses the pen they are reminded how you have provided some great information to help them out.

The following are examples of resources our customers are using to increase the value of their promotional pens and improve their profile as industry experts:

  • Calendars, Timetables, Things to Remember and Detailed Product Information
  • Quick Reference Guides, Service Information, and Safety Information
  • Pictographs, Technical Details, Maps and Visual Aids

Combine online marketing with giveaways

Online marketing at the moment is all about ‘content marketing’ and using articles and videos online to be able to strengthen a business’s profile and positioning as industry experts. The only problem with this is that customers are being overwhelmed with the amount of online articles, newsletters and videos that are being sent their way via emails and social media.

There is a pull out banner inside of the pen barrel, when people pull it out, they can see your marketing and promotional message, the banner is retractable and fun.

We are pen manufacturer located in China, offer ball point pens with scroll out custom message, scroll pens with retractable pull out banner, custom imprinted message scroll pens, advertising retractable banner pens, promotional flag pens, this innovative retractable banner pen leaves a long lasting impression. If you would like to buy banner pens with your custom logo printed, welcome contact us for more details.

Customized pull out pen to marketing your business

Customized pull out pen to marketing your business

Banner paper measures : 16.8 x 6.8cm (6.6″x2.7″ inch)
Spring inside: hand releases and automatically retracts
Large print area, 4 color process on double-sides imprinted available.
Barrel with custom logo is available.

The banner is over 4 times larger than a business card and can be printed on both sides in full colour with any artwork required. We are banner pen supplier & manufacturers in China, wholesale all kind of pens, welcome to buy pens from China direct. if you would like printing on the pen barrel or clip, please contact us for more detail.

Banner pen design artwork

Banner pens contain a spring loaded, laminated banner which self-retracts inside the barrel of the pen. you can print your own full color logo, contact information, message, advertising on both sides of the pullout banner. below is an artwork for your reference.

Delivery to Worldwide

We can offer plastic ball point pens with your logo and message on it, shipping to worldwide by air express (DHL/UPS/EMS/FEDEX) , to door service. please offer your shipping address to estimate shipping cost.

Welcome to contact us for price quote, sample or other request.