Custom Imprinted 4 in 1 combo Plastic Pens.

Custom ballpoint pens with 4 switching refill inside barrel: red, blue, green, black. You can switch the ink color you want to write, just by a click to the color button. 4 color offset heat transfer logo imprinted on white barrel.
4 in 1 combo plastic pens, custom logo custom-ball-pens-IMG_20210303_162036.jpg custom-ball-pens-IMG_20210303_162017.jpg
Custom Logo Imprinted Ballpoint Pens Are Awesome
If you’re at the hospital, dentist’s office, the bank, or ask to borrow someone’s pen, most times, we bet you’ll be handed a personalized ballpoint pen. Since the creation of the modern-day ballpoint pen in 1931, they have been a favorite due to their fast-drying ink, low production cost, and versatility.

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